About Sunny, the shop and Sunspace

Hi! I'm Sunny, the resident yoga teacher and founder of Sunspace. I love slow living, creating things, and finding beauty in the mundane.

I'm a botanical artist, a garden keeper, and a yoga & somatics teacher. When I'm not facilitating classes at the studio, I usually spend my days making candles, reading books, creating flower wreaths, brewing kombucha, growing plants, preserving flowers, and sewing clothes. The list goes on. ☀️


About Sunny Label

A few years ago, I came upon this Japanese concept called Ikigai. In a nutshell, Ikigai is the reason why you wake up in the morning, what keeps you going, and what you live for. Since then, it has been my lifelong journey to find mine and live by it.

After doing a lot of inner work in order to figure out what truly matters to me, the answer always points back to my insatiable passion for creating things and sharing them with the community. From there, I started Sunny Label as a slow movement and curation of self-care essentials for a sunny life.

Since this brand is an extension of my personal values, I try to be very intentional with my choices every step of the way—from where we get our pots up to the paint we use. No questionable ingredients, harmful materials, and unnecessary plastic packaging. All our materials are locally and carefully sourced to make sure that they’re good for you, for local livelihood, and for the environment.


About Sunspace

In 2018, aside from making candles, I also started my journey in practicing yoga. Throughout the years, my practice has evolved and deepened from just achieving the shapes we usually see on the internet into something more spiritual. After trying countless styles of yoga under different traditions, I have discovered the philosophy of non-duality and body-mind centering through a combination of yoga and somatics. I knew at the moment that I want to embody this practice and allow it unfold from inside to outside the mat.

I took my yoga teacher training in Bali and when the stars aligned in early 2024, with the help of my partner, Gabby, I was able to create not just a yoga studio but a conscious and creative space for community gatherings in the form of Sunspace.


With this, feel free to explore the space. I hope you find something that brings you love and light.

Stay sunny!