jump in and own it

jump in and own it

About two months ago, my boss offered me a promotion. And in the general scheme of things, promotions are supposed to be great, right? This one had a catch, though. While I was expecting for a promotion on my current role, I was actually going to be promoted to a bigger role in a new team that is handling more brands.

It sounded so big, and I was terrified.

I knew that saying yes to this promotion meant going outside of my comfort zone. My routines will change, the pattern will cease, and it will be a totally different thing from what I'm used to and already good at. Do I dare risk the familiar for the unknown? And if I do, what if I fail? What if I can't deliver and perform based on the new set of expectations? What if I disappoint everyone who thought that I was ready to take the next step? After all, aren't we supposed to dodge the discomfort when we're already happy where we are?

My rambling went on and on until a friend told me, "This is not you. This is fear talking."

She was right. It was the fear talking. It wasn't as if I absolutely dread this new job. To be completely honest, this opportunity was actually perfect given that I had been planning to widen my knowledge and experience in this field for a while now. I was just scared, and when I recognized that fear, things became clear to me.

I realized that I will never be fully ready for what the new job requires but I am ready to learn, explore and do my best—and that's all that matters.

Long story short, I jumped in.

Change is inevitable and so does discomfort. We can't control how things will work out but you know what we can control? Our response to it.

As for me, I chose to explore the unknown and lean in to change. The moment I decided to forgo my comfort zone, I was able to appreciate and embrace the new possibilities and opportunities waiting for me. It wasn't an easy ride. It still isn't. I'm absolutely exhausted and continuously challenged but I'm also growing. I'm learning so many things and discovering new skills that I wouldn't have otherwise gained if I stayed within my bubble.

If you're going through a similar situation and you feel that fear is creeping in, I hope that you take a deep breath and recognize it. Acknowledge what scares you and then, choose to move forward. I hope you jump in and own it. Own up to whatever the universe brings your way and make the most out of it.

Things will work out just fine. Trust me. Scratch that, trust yourself.

Wishing you love and light in this journey.

Stay sunny,



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